Sore Losers

by Strike To Survive

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Sore Losers EP recorded May 15th at Panda Studios with Sam Pura


released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Strike to Survive Santa Rosa, California

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Track Name: Energy Vampires
Rung out longevity on modern chemistry and antiquated memories
So please excuse this muse from singing dizzy spells
And breathing hot air out of rotting mouths

Curtains lift exposing patters shift contorting spines like worms
Wrapped in nerves
Fingernails of dirt and blame

What a shame
Growing pains in my veins
I collect them like brain slaves until everything goes down the drain
I give these problems such long names
I’m stuck, stuck on all fours
I got spirits in my frontal lobe
I can control the hate inside of me like an extension of my body

My minds dim light shines florescent omnipresence
I can see your blood and guts
Circling vultures interrogating my subconscious
I can tell its not enough

Dear vampires of energy:
Quit sucking the life out of me.
Track Name: Sore Throats
So this is what you get for crying out loud
A whole in your pocket and a pin drop silent crowd
To break what you had left of the tie that got you wound
So here’s to looking back on a world that brings us down
Never has the ringer been so rewarding
Like the feeling of being choked is what kept you going
Pushing forward and the potential kept growing and growing
And all the wrong buttons were the ones always glowing

You wonder why we never stopped slowing
And you wonder why I can’t stand second place.
Track Name: Poltergeist
My old bones remember a time
like fingerprints on the walls of my mind
now occupied by ghosts and someday strangers
living in a yellowed burnt polaroid
half distorted and fucked up by the years destroyed
I can't see through the fog of time
since then I've learned that nothing is heaven sent
and I don't see anything wrong with it
why waste your years attempting to repent?
and all those innocent memories
carved on the trunks of every worthless american tree
they're all we had

Now I'm screaming through the hallway tiles of doubt
searching for water in an endless storm of drought
we'll never have again
I attempt to soak up
soak in
I come up short
dried up once again

What can you do at a time like this?
revisit bliss? sickness.
scared shitless
can't fake this
gotta deal with my consequences
the world turns, I want to stay right here.