Strike to Survive​/​Hides Split E​.​P.

by Strike to Survive

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STS tracks recorded by Sam Pura and Scott Goodrich at the Panda Studios, Hides tracks recorded by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden.


released July 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Strike to Survive Santa Rosa, California

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Track Name: Vapor Eyes
Stitches on my innocence unraveling
Watch my vested interests tumble out
Born nursing on tasty dependency
Forked tongues licking to find themselves
Got no soul to speak of so to speak
Comfort in cornered normality
No we'll never find bliss so why try
Residue from karma trickling down my neck
Always speaking too soon now I'm out of bad breath

Now I'm just running in circles and playing dead
Entire life spent throwing in the towel
Ignoring telltale signs
Quitting is the only trait I'll pass down
Gaining momentum with time
Track Name: Obsidian
This city's spit is on the tip tip tip of my tongue
My stinging wit tells me I've had enough of gypsy punks
The crackheads and drunks I avoid on my rides home at dusk
Claustrophobic rust has got me feeling a little stuffed up
They glare through me with their obsidian vision and I can't help but Itching on the inside at their broken wises
I need primordial peace
To take my mind off the street
Before I boil over I just need some room to breathe
Whats the use in
Wheres the sense in
I get so lost in judging every passerby
Bad intentions

Losing compassion is the biggest fashion trend in the years
Found enough deception to fill the void been left by my peers
Watch the hours pass and hold them like a souviner
Crack the hourglass just to hear the sand spill out my ears
I hear the sand spill like a landfill of time
Stuck in a standstill
Its easy to see I've got no patience for complacency
Can't hold a candle in the corridoors of my disease

What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry for making a mess
Wont do it anymore
Track Name: Hides - Sick Day
I’ve gone to hell and back.
(All the) signs read Los Angeles
So many dreamers DOA.
So many words, nothing to say.
Enough sleaze to please.
I love LA. It’s a hell of a town.
Holy shit did you hear?
I’m gonna fuck somebody (that’s) famous
Track Name: Hides - Americana
There was a story.
I heard it more than once before.
Some thing that they sold me.
I kept the receipt from the store. Packaged so lovely.
Smiles on their faces, a happy picture.
But inside it’s all broken.
The story never mentions failure.
Just that we must buy it, but I’m not sold.
I’m not buying it, I’m not sold.

What happened? How did I get here?
I swore I expressed my thorough disinterest.
It’s so productive to make people into products.
We’re just walking products.
Did you get a number at the door?
We’re selling a new breed of customer.

Viva Americana. I guess nobody’s free and that nothing is free.
So you better keep your receipt.
Track Name: Hides - How I Know
This woman, she was made to seduce you.
You never had a chance boy, not a chance.
She don't play nice at all.
She's gonna' make you ill, she's gonna make you a man.
And then you will know what love is and hate it all the same.
You wanna know how I know?
She made me a man.
She made me who I am.
I can never change that.
My demons live as romantics.
Love is a battle where we raised all hell.
She made me the devil I am, a comrade you shall be.
The devil, I am.
Track Name: Hides - Vows
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness this holy matrimony.
Do you take thee to be lawfully yours, so faithful to have and to hold?
For rich or poor, in sickness and in health?
For better, trust me, it gets worse.
Till death do you part, I didn't mean that bit.
Well I did, but I didn't know you'd become so strange to my heart when I said that I take thee.
There was somebody else there but it's not this person sleeping in my bed.
So all I do is get high now, swallowing pills and chasing with wine.
There is a place in my mind where all of my dreams come true.
There is a person there and their face still belongs to you.
So I'm saying goodbye now, don't think it isn't killing me too.
Killing myself is the only thing I do.
Track Name: Hides - All of This
I wasn't always so serious,
I took love and hate as it came.
Then we fell too hard to stay high.
For some reason I called it love.
I planned to provide for us.

But now it's clear that we've lost touch.
We don't sleep in these sheets the same.
Together we once came,
I remember those days.
I never wanted all of this.
The only thing that I needed was you.
I disappeared to give you this security we never used.